At Gainz Fitness we follow programming from Comp Train, one of the best CrossFit programs out there. Classes consist of proper coach-led warm up, strength or skill of the day, then the WOD. You will always be challenged in the best way and will walk away wanting more!



Gainz Fitness now has an Athlete Training facility! With over 4,000 square feet of space available for working on skills, strength, and fitness. Brand new 77’ x 15’ area of turf for pushing sleds, skill development, tire flipping, and more! There's a rig, squat racks and plenty of equipment for all your strength and conditioning needs. Call for pricing and availability.


Gainz Fitness offers introductory classes, called Fundamentals to brand new athletes and those that need a refresher. Fundamentals consist of 3-4 45-60 minute sessions led by a certified CF coach. Basic movements are covered, class formatting, and everything else needed to make your CrossFit experience safe and enjoyable.

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Dr. Megan Croce, D.C., ATC

Dr. Megan Croce is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic – Florida Campus.  She is the owner and primary caregiver of Dynamic Chiropractic in Albuquerque, NM.

Dr. Croce is a New Mexico native, graduating from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training. She attended La Cueva High School where she spent three years in her school’s sport medicine program where her passion for healthcare first began. She has worked with many athletes and athletic teams at the high school and collegiate levels. She also has experience with extreme sports working several Redbull events such as, Rampage and Crashed Ice.

During her time at Palmer Chiropractic, Dr. Croce developed the Functional Rehabilitation Club which combined her passion for athletic training with her desire to help her patients become healthier, more independent and knowledgeable.  Dr. Croce’s practice incorporates both athletic training fundamentals with chiropractic technique to provide a full body treatment method that can be modified and personalized to each patient’s goals and needs.  She treats full body with the intention of correcting the core problem instead of focusing on symptomatic treatment.

Dr. Croce views herself as a lifelong learner and appreciates all experiences working with her patients.  She wants those that she treats to know they are strong, they are capable, and they can live long healthy lives. She knows that her skills can only take someone so far and ultimately it is up to the individual to take control of their life in pursuit of happiness.



Athletic trainer and injury prevention specialist, Eric Archuleta, LAT, ATC. A nationally certified athletic trainer for over 5 years. Eric received his BS degree in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine at the University of New Mexico in 2014.


Athletic trainers specialize in recognizing, preventing, and treating various musculoskeletal injuries and medical conditions in the body. We work with various other specialists from EMT’s to M.D.’s, to create the most therapeutic plans for each individuals’ specific needs.


Active in sports coverage for the high schools in the area both APS and Rio Rancho, various club sports in Albuquerque, and other sporting venues to ensure athlete safety. Works with local UFC fighters, and other professional athletes as well as managing, treating, and rehabilitating any pain or dysfunction with various modalities including:


  • Therapeutic massage (deep tissue and sports massage)

  • Manual therapy (such as spine and joint mobility work, trigger point, dry needling etc.)

  • Injury prevention programming

  • Cupping

  • Corrective and kinesio-taping


“Please come give me a try if you are struggling with any pain or dysfunction, I believe in treating the root cause of your problem in order to improve the quality of your life to the best of my ability!”  - Eric Archuleta, LAT, ATC



Month to month, no contract memberships available at competitive and affordable pricing. Contact us for details on the membership plan that will work best for you




We offer discounts for our community HEROES:

  • Nurses

  • Teachers

  • Firefighters

  • Police Officers



We also offer discounts to:

  • High School Students

  • College Students

  • Families 3+


Check with your Health Insurance provider to see if you qualify for the gym benefit. 

  • Prime (Presbyterian Health Plan)

  • Healthy Contributions (Renew Active with United Healthcare)